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BKK VR Cybersex Toys For Men

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Quick Overview


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  • Item Type: Masturbator for men
  • Inner Silicone Color: Skin color
  • Size: 205x82.5mm
  • Material: ABS+Silicone
  • Highlights: Interactive intelligent masturbator; please check details below to find more!


Kindly notes to buyers:

- Don't forget to clean the toys before/after use. For hygiene reasons, it's essential to keep your toys clean.

- Always use the products with lubricants to add more pleasure. Add Lubricants Quick Link


What is it?

BKK Cybersex Cup is an awesome adult toy for male, which combines traditional masturbation cup with innovative Virtual Reality (VR) technology.

As a result, you can have some cyber sexy time with your favorite girl/girls likes you are really having an intimate encounter with her. 


What can I get after contribution?
A standard kit of BKK Cybersex Cup includes:

1) A motion-sensing masturbation cup;

2) A VR helmet;

3) A mobile porn game application that works with both.

What functions does the Cup perform?

- First of all, it is a masturbation cup and thus contained a fine quality silicon sleeve for sexual pleasure. Basically what you can expect in any masturbation cup.

- Nonetheless, a motion sensor was installed inside every BKK Cybersex Cup. Your every strokes are transmitted to the Mobile App and thus your cyber girlfriend. You will be having "cyber sex" literally.

- Moreover, there are buttons on the Cup with functions ranged from selecting camera angles and sex positions, undressing your cyber girlfriend, to making her orgasm when you feels like it.

How about the VR helmet?


The VR helmet work with your smart phone. Whenever you want to watch VR porn or play with your cyber girlfriend, just put your phone into the helmet, put it on and enjoy.

The Helmet support a wide variety of smart phones from 4 to 6 inches, for instance, iPhone 5, iPhone 6Plus, Galaxy Note or Nexus 4.

If you are wearing glasses like me, feel free to use the helmet with your glasses on, as it fits. Most glasses could fit into the VR helmet.

How to Play? there are 2 ways:


1) Watch VR Porn & Stroke
You could download VR porn into your mobile phone, or just watch it online (there are plenty of sources). Get the video ready and put your mobile phone into the BKK VR Helmet, fine tune the lens slightly for focusing, and enjoy.

Our team have tried out so many kinds of VR helmet, and I dare say our helmet stands out with a really nice overall performance: light weight, comfortable, stable, fit different phone size, can wear glasses to use.

Well, you can email my colleague Vincent to chat, as he is the damn hardcore player of it.

"SO," you might ask, "what if my favorite porn star didn't release any VR videos yet?" 
Rest assured, as our app has a function to transfer any video file (yes, from porn to ordinary movies, and even the videos shot by your phones' camara) to split screen and cope with the VR helmet. Put all your favorite videos into your phone, open it in our player -> put on helmet -> enjoy. You can even use the button on the cup to fast forward or backward.

2) Customize Your Cyber Girlfriend & Stroke


Want to try something new? How about a cyber girlfriend? 
Along with the Cup, we have made the first mobile 3D porn game in the world with the following features:

1) Customization
You can fully customize the girl. Choose your favorite BODY TYPES, HAIR STYLES, SKIN TONES, OUTFITS and even VOICES.
Outfits includes, as the picture suggests, Bunny Lady, Cop Uniform, Cowgirl, Bikini, even a BDSM outfit...
2) Locations
Feel free to choose your favorite venue, would it be beach, bedroom, hotel, or the subway?

3) Positions
30+ positions, from the basic missionary, doggie, oral... just take your pick.



4) Virtual Reality Mode
Yes of course, it support VR. You can turn your head around to discover.



bkk-masturbator-with-reality-virtual-cybersex-vr-sex-toys-cup-intelligent-interactive-bkk-vr-stroker-singapore-details1 bkk-masturbator-with-reality-virtual-cybersex-vr-sex-toys-cup-intelligent-interactive-bkk-vr-stroker-singapore-details2 bkk-masturbator-with-reality-virtual-cybersex-vr-sex-toys-cup-intelligent-interactive-bkk-vr-stroker-singapore-details3 bkk-masturbator-with-reality-virtual-cybersex-vr-sex-toys-cup-intelligent-interactive-bkk-vr-stroker-singapore-details4 bkk-masturbator-with-reality-virtual-cybersex-vr-sex-toys-cup-intelligent-interactive-bkk-vr-stroker-singapore-details5 bkk-masturbator-with-reality-virtual-cybersex-vr-sex-toys-cup-intelligent-interactive-bkk-vr-stroker-singapore-details6 bkk-masturbator-with-reality-virtual-cybersex-vr-sex-toys-cup-intelligent-interactive-bkk-vr-stroker-singapore-details7 sgcherry dot come sex adult products shop online in singapore

Additional Information

Material ABS+Silicone
Net Weight 500g

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