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Pick up in our store 在我们样品间自行选购*: (We ONLY accept Cash. Thank you)


Address 地址: 510 Geylang Road, The Sunflower, Singapore 389466


*Please make appointment with us. To protect customer's privacy, we only serve one guest/couple at a time, thank you. 为了保护客户隐私,我们每次只接待一位/对客户。请您提前与我们预约,谢谢。



Self Collection 自取: (We ONLY accept Cash. Thank you)

(1) Make Appointment 预约: H.P/WeChat/SMS/Whatsapp

     H.P 电话:(+65) 9612 7885

     SMS/Whatsapp 简讯:(+65) 9612 7885

     WeChat ID 微信: sgcherry01

       singapore sgcherry customer service wechat ID

(2) Address 地址: 510 Geylang Road, The Sunflower, Singapore 389466

       *** (Please contact us 10mins before you arrive, thank you. 请在您到达10分钟之前通知我们,谢谢。)



Mailing 邮寄: (Singpost Registered Mail 新邮政挂号信)

(1) Online Make Orders 网上下订单

     *** Please state your address and phone number clearly. 请清楚的填写您的邮寄地址和联系电话。


(2) Bank Transfer Money To Our Bank Acct. 银行转款到我们的账户

     *** Send us the clear receipt photo or screenshot (if you make transactions online) which must show our acct no. clearly. 在您做完银行转款以后请发给我们清晰的转款收据或者电子图片截图(如果您是用网上银行转款),上面必须有我们清晰的账户号码。


(3) Now it's our turn to post your item! We will post your item within that day you inform us completed money tranfer or on the next working day. 我们会在您通知我们已经转款完成的当天或者在下一个工作日邮寄。


(4) We will send you the tracking number after we post your items. 我们会在邮寄完您购买的产品之后发给您物品邮寄跟踪号,方便您及时的收货。